Walmart showcase to include Orlando Shark Tank star O’Dang Hummus (founder Jesse Wolfe)

The Orlando company has signed distribution deals with multiple stores in the past few months.


My $.02s – Great to see my man Jesse Wolfe and Orlando’s O’Dang Hummus achieving such great success. I’ve seen first hand how hard he continues to work to drive his business to new heights. I was one of the Joust Business Plan Competition Judges and screeners when his business was first starting off. I must admit that I didn’t envision a small hummus company selling at local farmers markets could reach such great success. From UCF’s campus & farmers markets to Shark Tank & Walmart (and O’Dang has much more room to grow!).

Jesse is truly an inspiration to any founder that dreams do indeed come true!

If you’d like to learn more about Jesse’s story,  he shared a great interview on our podcast recently.

Keep rocking Jesse and team!


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David Brim

David Brim is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur and investor living in Orlando, Florida. He is the founder of Orlando Entrepreneurs and founding partner of the Orlando Opportunity Fund. His primary professional focus areas include business model development, online lead generation, Software as a Service (SaaS) products, angel investing, and commercial real estate. Learn more at his blog Filled to the Brim.


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