Inspired Interactions – Interview with Brent Henderson

About Brent: Brent graduated from UCF with a double major in Finance and Marketing. During his time at UCF, he created an app called Party Tutor that connects college students to the best deals and events happening around campus. In 2017, Party Tutor transitioned into becoming a subscription model. It’s…
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Community Connector – Interview with Wendy Lyn Phillips

About Wendy: Wendy Lyn Phillips is a natural born ringleader that inspires others to achieve personal and professional excellence. As a Maestro with 30 years as a business owner, she shares her business acumen for strategic development with organizations and leaders that want to be intentional about how they execute…
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Mastermind Director – Interview with Krista Inochovsky

Combining professionalism, flair and empathy, Krista Inochovsky is a visionary and client-centric professional recognized as highly-adaptable and an influencer. Krista serves as the facilitator for the Orlando Entrepreneurs Mastermind groups (more information to come). As a Mastermind Facilitator for motivated professionals, Krista sets the stage for peers to achieve accelerated…
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