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Authority is Currency – Interview with Josh Elledge

Meet the man who’s committed to democratizing PR & influence Founder & CEO Josh Elledge is changing an entire industry. Josh Elledge is an adult man with a child-like, irrational fear of umbrellas. You could ask him to explain–but if he could–it wouldn’t be an irrational fear, now would it?…
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Know Your Numbers – Interview with Joel Goldstein

About Joel: Joel Goldstein developed his experiences in business as a young entrepreneur. He was able to develop and successfully exit his first startup before he graduated from high school. With entrepreneurship in his blood, he became a marketing consultant to some of the world’s most visited websites making a…
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Tap Into Bigger Audiences – Interview with Rudy Ellis

About Rudy: Rudiger J. Ellis, better known as Rudy, is the CEO of Switchboard Live; the developer of a B2B-SaaS based live video, social media management platform named Switchboard Cloud. Switchboard Cloud helps Creators, Producers, and Brands manage the distribution and syndication of their live video activations, across multiple streaming…
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