When Courage Becomes Desperation: Interview with Jeff Feuer

entrepreneur, founder, healtcare, medical, Medical/Health care, podcast
About RepScrubs: RepScrubs provides health care facilities with time-sensitive vendor attire that improves infection prevention and vendor management protocols while reducing costs. The RepScrubs system includes real-time vendor tracking reports for hospital staff about who has been in the OR. Jeff’s Bio: Jeff Feuer is a former sales director for…
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Delight Your Customers – Interview with Lydia Chicles

entrepreneur, female entrepreneur, founder, podcast, technology
Results-driven with over 20 years experience in developing, recognizing and bettering products, Lydia Chicles developed much of her expertise working in creative & management roles in the magazine and design industry. Involved with Magazines Canada, an influential industry advocate, she leads the efforts and navigated the changing world of the…
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Authority is Currency – Interview with Josh Elledge

entrepreneur, founder, influence markering, marketing, online business, podcast, public relations, social media
Meet the man who’s committed to democratizing PR & influence Founder & CEO Josh Elledge is changing an entire industry. Josh Elledge is an adult man with a child-like, irrational fear of umbrellas. You could ask him to explain–but if he could–it wouldn’t be an irrational fear, now would it?…
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Publish or Perish – Interview with Greg Rollett

ambitions, branding, entrepreneur, gym marketing, host, influencer, marketing, media, podcast, television
About Greg: Greg Rollett is an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, Best-Selling Author and media expert who works with business owners, experts and entrepreneurs from all over the world to create personality driven TV shows and media content that drive their business. He is the host and Executive Producer of Ambitious Adventures,…
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