City of Orlando Testing Amazon’s Facial Recognition Technology

Amazon’s facial recognition software, called Rekognition, analyzes footage from video surveillance and works to identify the people in it by scanning their faces and searching databases.


My $.02s…

This facial recognition technology is really neat (and a little scary)! While the article is not specifically related to Central Florida entrepreneurship per se, as our community further adopts technology into the fabric of various aspects of our lives it presents opportunities for entrepreneurs that are well prepared to innovate and create the future, and threats for those businesses not ready to adapt in industries poised for disruption.

This technology reminds me very much of the view Arnold had as the terminator in the mid 90s. The next 20 years is going to be quite interesting!

Entrepreneurs, unbuckle those seat belts, step out of your comfort zone and get prepared. Change is coming.


About the author:

David Brim

David Brim is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur and investor living in Orlando, Florida. He is the founder of Orlando Entrepreneurs and founding partner of the Orlando Opportunity Fund. His primary professional focus areas include business model development, online lead generation, Software as a Service (SaaS) products, angel investing, and commercial real estate. Learn more at his blog Filled to the Brim.


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