Celebrating ONE year for ViewStub, A Local Tech Startup


I had the chance to sit down and talk to Spencer Elliott, co-founder of Viewstub, for some insight on the success he’s seen as an entrepreneur. Spencer is a native to Orlando, attending UCF and continuing to call it home as he married and had his first child. 


About a year ago, Spencer linked arms with fellow co-founder, Patrick VanDusen while working at Starter Studio, one of the incubator programs in Central Florida.  From there, it has been an accelerated growth model. The two went through Starter Studio ideation and seed accelerator programs, Catalyst Venture Scale up, I-corps and are currently in UCF incubator. 


Viewstub has filled a need in the market place, merging in-person and online events in one platform. Viewstub allows the user to utilize their portal for online ticketing, streaming and marketing their events, increasing the reach and profit from events. As one customer put it, “… being able to bring great content all over the world, anytime, anywhere, at their convenience.”


Viewstub is changing the landscape of the event industry and allowing people to monetize their online and in-person content in one platform. They are raising a seed fund of at least $500k to capture 6% of the roughly $30M SOM by EOY 2020, capturing $2.2M of gross event ticket revenues. To date, they have already raised $100k in Central FL resources. The company continues to grow each day, and has brought on 10 employees. 


Viewstub has taken advantage of the diverse network of resources in Central FL to help entrepreneurs start and succeed. They developed the technology and marketed it in a way that has helped raise money to fuel their growth. Throughout their journey, they’ve met and partnered with mentors to help them navigate the various stages of their business.  


Viewstub is seen throughout the country, continuing to grow their reach and customer database. They will be hosting pop-up events, to help educate others on the power of their tools. Viewstub will host their signature event, EventNext later this year to showcase the evolution of technology in the event industry. Make sure you follow them on social and attend one of their upcoming workshops. 


Link to their workshop next week:



Link to their conference later this year:



About the author:

Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson is an innovator, entrepreneur and founder of M&K Consulting Partners. She is a teacher by nature, which fuels her desire to develop leaders to think critically, activate boldness, and transcend perceived limitations. Kim hosts many events throughout the year to promote inspiration, motivation, and access to the right resources/tools for local Entrepreneurs. Her primary professional focus is in Residential and Commercial Real Estate sales, leading a team of agents in the Central FL area.


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