The Business of Games – With Rupert Meghnot

The Business of Games – With Rupert Meghnot

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Rupert Meghnot started his first business at 20, and is still going strong. Originally a poli sci major, he has an M.B.A. from Rollins, and patents in consumer electronics, motion simulation, and virtual reality. He taught at UCF (Entertainment Technology at Rosen College) and Full Sail (Project Management in their Game Design Masters program), the former students of which are now managing $2+ billion in game IP.


Having consulted 350+ high-tech startups in the areas of project management, product development, strategic & market planning, and capital acquisition, he’s now incubating game startups via Burnout Game Ventures, LLC. Called a “venturator”, BGV is more than an incubator/accelerator/publisher. They provide startup Clients with all the people, resources, processes and motivation to create quality products fast.

With more than 450 people in their Talent Pool, 95 of whom are working on 9 projects for six startups, they have 38 game releases scheduled over the next 24 months, and have already begun ROI payments to investors. His goal is to help make Orlando the “engine” of the $110 billion game industry, creating 50 companies and 500 high paying, high-tech jobs in the process. In addition to his role at Burnout Game Ventures,

Rupert is also a mentor for entrepreneurs at Starter Studio and through his “meal with a mentor” initiative. He was previously a co-organizer of Orlando’s 1 Million Cups, a program to foster entrepreneurship in local communities developed by the Kaufman Foundation. During this role he was tasked with identifying, reviewing, mentoring and selecting startups for presentation at their weekly “Guppy Tank”. During this position he also focused on raising the awareness of the 1 Million Cups event and brand, to attract entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to each event

Burnout Game Ventures

◊ “BiT Evolution” – Major Games, Inc. (BGV Client Partner) – 2D retro-platformer on Steam (PC, Mac & Linux)
◊ “Chopper Assault!”™ – Simulation Entertainment Group, Inc. – First person helicopter shooter for full-motion video game (simulator) of same name (PC)

◊ “Ardent Dawn” – Faerie Fire Studios (Global Game Jam 2014)
◊ “AMazeD” – Incidental Vector Studios (Global Game Jam 2014)
◊ “Duncan’s Knight” – Krooked Mimes Studios (Global Game Jam 2014)
◊ “Victim 146” – Sour Foot Games (Global Game Jam 2014)
◊ “VRtifact” – Burnout Studios (Global Game Jam 2015)
◊ “DESTROIDS” – Burnout Studios (Indie Galactic Space Jam 2015 – Microsoft Kinect Challenge Winner)




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