Stage Not Age: Interview with Lilian Myers

Stage Not Age: Interview with Lilian Myers

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Lilian Myers is a founder and principal with EconomyFour, a social impact organization that assists public and private sector enterprises to rethink a future of long life and life stage for the workforce, product innovation, and investment. Prior to EconomyFour, Myers was IBM’s Global Leader for Ageing and the Longevity Economy where she brought 25 years of health and consumer commerce as a co-founder and early-stage executive with several companies, including ones acquired by Siemens, Aetna, and Google.

A passion for startups, leadership in areas including corporate development, marketing, product management and internationalization has kept her close to entrepreneurs in roles including coach and mentor at  the University of Central Florida in Orlando’s Venture Lab, board member at, advisory board member at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and advisor at the Guidewell Innovation Center in Lake Nona, FL.  Lilian regularly conducts workshops, speaks, and publishes on longevity, long-life, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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