Revolutionizing Education – Interview with Caesar and Alfonso from ‘Leap with Alice’

Revolutionizing Education – Interview with Caesar and Alfonso from ‘Leap with Alice’

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Caesar A. Medel, was born and raised in the Central Florida area. Growing up in Winter Park, FL and attending Lake Howell High School, provided him the initial community and foundation that would later change his life entirely. Early on, he became a successful Mortgage Broker, that lead him down the entrepreneurial path. Having had started/sold businesses, he quickly mastered the lifestyle of a serial entrepreneur. In 2015, he started his Web Development agency focused on creating websites and apps for local businesses. Caesar is a self-taught leader and businessman, with a 21st-century progressiveness. As an experienced, creative CEO, I am passionate about creating beautiful simple and easy-to use consumer experiences. I also love to bring talented people together to form exceptional teams and to learn from each other. What motivates me is creating products that are enjoyed by millions of people and that positively impact a generation. Changing the education landscape is both my dream and goal.”

“Raised as a Florida native and brought up through the public school system, Alfonso Morales was always eager to make an impact. Maintaining top ranking positions through the JROTC program at Cypress Bay High School, he was responsible for the operations of the program and its population of cadets. No stranger to technology and the development of businesses, he was instrumental in the inception of multiple companies in the field of augmented reality, web development and app development. Serving as CTO and COO for said companies with a derived focus on organization, scalability, and technology he quickly married this passion with another, education. Alfonso spent time working at multiple public schools with a variety of educators and students. In doing so, he was engaged in the struggles that many educators and students face on a daily basis, leading him to work towards a solution.”

About the company:  Leap With Alice

Orchestrating a revolution of the outdated education system, Leap With Alice presents a platform and an exchange with the capacity to create, buy, and sell enhanced educational content. Through the use of Augmented Reality, we bring old forms of education to life. Pairing AR with Blockchain technology, LWA incentivizes the creation of quality content in a secure ecosystem where each user’s content, data, and funds are safely stored. Simple drag-and-drop tools and templates present teachers the resources needed to generate interactive content that increases engagement, resulting in a higher level of education. Leap With Alice, an Ed-Tech tool that transforms the classroom from a work environment to an immersive experience where teachers and students can mutually thrive.


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