Printing Ideas: Interview with Andy Tran

Printing Ideas: Interview with Andy Tran

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Andy Tran is the founder and CEO of Millebot Inc., a modular digital-manufacturing platform. He describes himself as being a keen observer, utilizing his skillset to provide unconventional solutions to contemporary challenges.  His team converts ISO shipping containers into mobile digital-manufacturing systems. The machine has the potential to disrupt the manufacturing and production workflows for any industry that uses prototyping, modular design or requires on-demand components. The massive 3D printing machine has the ability to print in recycled materials, plastics, polymers, metals, and cement.  Andy believes that Millebot is the ultimate tool to give both himself and others the ability to create more opportunities and solve even more challenges. Millebot’s standardization proves itself in regard to scalability – its abilities range from the creation of body panels for aircraft to housing for traditional consumer products.

Headquartered in Winter Park, Millebot has cemented their roots in Central Florida, where companies like Disney and Lockheed Martin, and universities such as the University of Central Florida, Valencia College and Seminole State College, provide a wide talent pool for innovative partnerships.  To learn more about Millebot Inc., visit

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