President of Lunar – Interview with Jon Robinson

President of Lunar – Interview with Jon Robinson

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About Jon:

Jon Robinson is the president of Lunar, an Orlando-based technology company that offers business consulting services and Software as a Service (SaaS) products to fill the growing void between marketing, sales and technology. Before Jon served as president of a technology company, he led an interesting entrepreneurial journey that includes time as DJ at a nightclub and opening multiple restaurants.

An alumnus of the University of Michigan, Jon worked as a DJ at a local nightclub while attending college. After planning and executing a benefit event for the American Red Cross after 9/11, which resulted in the club’s busiest night in history, Jon learned he had a real knack for marketing.

Jon’s eventual departure from the nightclub led him to his next venture – opening a restaurant. He brought together three other investors to open a 6,500-square-foot restaurant in Rochester Hills, Michigan. This restaurant’s wide success led to the opening of two additional restaurants, and in 2011, Jon sold his shares to tackle a new challenge and completely new industry.

At the height of social media’s boom, Jon set out to develop a way for sports fans to see content related to an upcoming game from a variety of sources and social channels. Jon and his partners developed an aggregation tool that brought together what official sources (broadcasters, players, cheerleaders, the opponent’s players, etc.) were posting to multiple social media channels ahead of a game.

Jon’s foray into social media and experience in developing a standalone platform allowed him to offer a new perspective to Orlando-based Launch That, a digital marketing company. When he joined the company in 2012, every role had a marketing focus, and Jon recognized the need for an operational division to help optimize Salesforce and other tools being utilized by Launch That. Jon’s team experienced so much success building proprietary applications to address sales and marketing needs, they decided to branch off into a completely separate division – Lunar.

Currently, Lunar helps other businesses optimize sales and marketing efforts through technology products and consulting services. Lunar’s first product, Shuttle, manages lead flow from a website to its CRM, and other destinations, making it easy to move data in real time, from any number of inputs into unlimited destinations.

Following Shuttle’s success, Lunar is preparing to launch its second product, Uplink, a text message app that visualizes all conversations in Salesforce and allows messages to be sent from a user’s native messaging app.

While Jon’s entrepreneurial journey may vary from other technology executives, his diverse background helps him lead Lunar in its mission to bridge the gap between sales, marketing and technology. Listen to the full interview above for all the details.

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