Neighborhood Matchmaking – Interview with Cole and Chris from Sensarie

Neighborhood Matchmaking – Interview with Cole and Chris from Sensarie

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About Sensarie:
Imagine this, you’ve just accepted your dream job and you can’t contain the excitement. All those years of hard work have finally paid off! The only catch is that the job is in another state, Orlando, FL and besides having been to Disney World a few times, you don’t know much about the city. A mild worry sets in, where are you going to live? You start to google, “best places in orlando fl”, “orlando fl neighborhoods”, “where to live in orlando?” and you dread the amount of research this problem is going to require to find a good answer.You want to live in an area that fits your lifestyle but where to even start?
Start with Sensarie.
Sensarie is a neighborhood matchmaking platform which uses an advanced algorithm to match movers with neighborhoods that best fit their lifestyle. Sensarie was started by a few Orlando locals who have a passion for technology and solving real estate based problems. When movers use Sensarie it reduces stress, saves time and ensures they find the right neighborhoods before moving.
About Cole:
Cole serves as the CEO and front end developer of Sensarie, along with battling the endless amount of random tasks associated with a startup. He attended UCF where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance. After graduation Cole worked as a corporate financial analyst while getting his side hustle on with various startup ideas. He currently contracts part-time as a financial analyst while growing Sensarie into a self sustaining business.
About Chris:
Chris is an urban planner by training and a GIS analyst by profession.  While most of his educational background involves the social sciences, he has spent many years working in engineering.  As such, he enjoys solving qualitative problems using quantitative approaches and data.  In his spare time, he likes hiking, kayaking and programming and various other outdoorsy and nerdy pursuits.
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