Dial a Doctor: Interview with Mark D. Gebhardt

Dial a Doctor: Interview with Mark D. Gebhardt

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About Dial a Doctor: Interview with Mark D. Gebhardt:

Mark is a thirty-plus year veteran of the financial services industry. A true industry entrepreneur with broad-based experience in healthcare, marketing, product development, technology and distribution with responsibilities for the conception, planning and implementation of all marketing activities.

Mark has authored numerous articles for industry trade publications on sales, marketing, agency building and development and is also recognized as an industry resource for National Underwriter magazine.

Areas of extensive knowledge and strength include:

– Product Development
– Building distribution channels
– Worksite and Individual marketing
– Sales management
– Leveraging technology
– Leading and managing change
– Training
– Public Speaking

2018 Launched Community Doctors, founded on the belief that there was a way to provide direct access to basic healthcare on an affordable basis without sacrificing quality. We were right. As the cost of medical insurance continues to soar, millions of people are unable to afford coverage or their deductible is so high, they don’t seek care. Yet the need for basic medical care from doctors, professional services and medications is as important as ever. Please visit our website for complete details, we look forward to being of service.

Here’s how to connect:



https://twitter.com/CommunityDocs @CommunityDocs


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