CEO of Intrepid Networks – Interview with Britt Kane

CEO of Intrepid Networks – Interview with Britt Kane

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Britt Kane is a technology entrepreneur, based in Orlando Florida, who focuses on disruptive low-cost technology solutions for large-scale mission and business critical operations. Britt has been part of several leading-edge innovation companies throughout his career, including Bell Laboratories and Martin Marietta Laboratories; he also holds numerous patents, inventions, and publications for mobile smart device applications, digital communications, signals intelligence and various RF transceiver technologies. Britt is currently the co-founder and CEO of Intrepid Networks, where his talented team creates mobile embedded software and hardware platforms that allow operators government and commercial organization to easily communicate, coordinate and collaborate.

Our mission is to provide critical operational support to both government and commercial organizations so that team members can instantaneously communicate, collaborate, and coordinate their operations utilizing low cost, easy-to-use and simple to deploy web and mobile applications. The Intrepid Suite empowers your organization to eliminate mistakes and enhance processes to perform at the highest operational potential



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