Youth Empowerment Project

Youth Empowerment Project, Inc. (YEP) is a community based non-profit organization; founded in 2011, that looks to expose, equip and empower youth and young adults toward success through career exploration events, professional development and internships that will lead to career stability and entrepreneurship.
Nathan ShawThe Founder and President of Youth Empowerment Project, Inc. (YEP), Nathan J. Shaw, Jr is a man on mission to help youth and young adults break the cycle of poverty by walking in their purpose. Youth Empowerment Project is a national organization created to expose, equip and empower students to succeed through career exploration, professional development and paid internships. Nathan began working with youth when he was just 17 years old, while serving in his church’s youth ministry in his birth home, Orlando. FL. Over the past 12 years he has helped develop programs, activities, and events including parent-teen workshops, teen summits, youth radio shows, career exploration exposing students to unique professions and life skills, student internships and a youth ran clothing line — to empower youth toward success. Nathan is a certified teacher for The Nehemiah Project, an international business organization created to teach entrepreneurship all over the world through its curriculum, Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE). He is not only a graduate of BE I, BE II and BE III but he won the regional business plan competition in 2016. He is proud to be the national director for Young Biblical Entrepreneurs, a curriculum developed to teach youth and young adults about business and how to be an entrepreneur. Nathan is a new author writing a book entitled: Journey to Purpose, a teen guide to help youth and young adults walk in their God given purpose. His goal is to challenge youth to find ways to empower their minds on a daily basis as he believes “If you don’t put a limit on your mind, you won’t have a limit on your future.” His personal life mission statement is: “To help youth and young adults Identify, Activate and walk in their Purpose.” He uses unique methods, strategies and tools to encourage everyone around him to “Pursue, Purpose, Passionately, Period.”


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