Winter Park Angels

Winter Park Angels celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.  Those who put their heart in the American Dream.  By combining expertise, insight and equity options, these angel investors hope to fuel business growth throughout Florida.
Being associated with Winter Park Angels provides exposure to investment opportunities in early and expansion stage companies throughout the state.  From time to time, members have access to forums for education and exchange of information and ideas, regarding the formation, development and financial structuring of early and expansion stage companies.
Winter Park Angels is not an investment fund, as each member makes his or her own investment decisions outside of the group. Rather, it is an informal association of accredited investors that are passionate about contributing to the entrepreneurial dream.
All members need to be risk tolerant, accredited investors and though it’s not a requirement, most should be willing to commit some of their time and energy to serving on advisory board committees to add value to the companies they invest in. It is recommended for each individual to invest in one to six transactions per year in order to properly diversify.
If you’re looking to get involved in Florida’s small business and startup community, we’d love to hear from you!


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