The Tech Sassy Girlz Day Conference

The Tech Sassy Girlz Day Conference is scheduled for Saturday, 10/2018 from 10am – 4pm at UCF’s College of Engineering & Computer Science. Our target audiences are girls in middle and high school and their parents. The conference was created to improve awareness of education, career opportunities and services for middle and high school girls by increasing participation, retention and advancement of girls and women in STEM. With the support of the Orlando Tech Pilot grant, TSG can reach more “girlz” this year. We anticipate hosting 125 girls and introducing them to various computer science, engineering and tech concepts. Additionally, funding for this conference will allow us to host at least 30 parents of the “girlz” who are not aware of the lack of women in STEM professions and what career opportunities are available. This will allow them to experience first hand what their daughters will learn at the conference. The conference also includes a UCF Campus Tour.


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