Stetson University’s Annual Tech Faire + Hackathon

Stetson University’s annual Tech Faire + Hackathon is a weekend event with an overnight coding session hosted by Stetson’s Math and Computer Science department. Attendees build apps, services, hardware integrations, virtual & augmented reality experiences, and we have hosted hackers from: UCF, UF, FSU, FIU, ERAU, UM, FGCU, FAU, FIT and Florida Polytechnic University. Our next Tech Faire + Hackathon will be in April of 2019. We expect more than 300 attendees, including hackers, graphic designers, engineers, app developers, and more. We also expect to attract a significant number of beginning coders by providing 101 crash courses in coding languages and adding opportunities to win prizes. We are plan to hold the event in the Edmunds Center, a 5,000 -seat multi-purpose arena at Stetson University, with ample space and classrooms for attendees to connect personally with Stetson’s faculty and event sponsors.


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