Starter Studio

 What Is Starter Studio?

Starter Studio is an accelerator program for technology related startups in the earliest stages of development. We stand out among other accelerator programs. As a non-profit, Starter Studio takes absolutely no equity in the companies that enter the program. This allows us to focus on our goal, building the entrepreneur and developing them to be successful in either this venture or the next. We are truly unique for our stance in the belief that the entrepreneur is what we accelerate. Our program’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to take on anything and live the American dream.

Our program is recommended to entrepreneurs by many business men and women in the local Orlando area, we strategically select the most suitable businesses to strengthen each class. Our classes often have businesses that help one another and frequently collaborate. The Starter Studio program provides teams the unique opportunity to gain education, mentorship, legal and financial resources, networking opportunities, and the right culture to help innovative solutions grow. Each week of our program is designed to help each company perform crucial steps to the development of any startup. The curriculum is supplemented with the assistance of devoted mentors who are matched with each company based on their profession and expertise.
What we’ve created is the most optimal environment to stimulate Orlando’s youngest and most enthusiastic entrepreneurs to breakdown boundaries and execute their dreams. We’ve proven this method and continue to bring this one-of-a-kind program to strengthen the community of Orlando.


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