Merging Traffic

Merging Traffic is a portfolio management company. Our equity-based crowdfunding framework is designed to match entrepreneurs with Accredited Investors, primarily in the FinTech, Data Science, Health, Real Estate, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors. Based in Florida, we leverage our state’s multiple major universities and the world-changing research that they produce.

How are we different?

Merging Traffic represents a new strategy for private equity investors that combines the due diligence and compliance of traditional methods with the flexibility of a crowdfunding platform. We leverage crowdfunding technology to simplify the process, speed up closings and reduce overhead. The result is a product that gives investors access to the high quality, trustworthy deal flow they expect, with fees and carries lower than otherwise possible.
Each investment has been sourced, vetted and organized in a way that makes it easy for investors to properly assess the opportunity. Investors can trust that if a deal is offered on our portal, it’s something that we ourselves are interested in being a part of.


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