Melrose Center at the Orlando Public Library

Central Florida is a center of creativity and technology. Libraries are centers for learning. The Orange County Library System believes that we can use our experience as providers of informal learning and technology education to provide  services for community members to gain the understanding required to be both contributor to, developer for and consumer of today’s emerging technologies.

Through a generous gift from the Kendrick B. Melrose Family Foundation, the Library created the Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation and Creativity. Named for Mr. Melrose’s mother who had a strong interest in emerging technologies, the Center is located in 26,000 sq. ft. of space on the Orlando Public Library’s second floor.

In pursuit of our “lifelong learner” role, the Library already offers over 1,000 classes per month across 15 locations. Recognized by the American Library Association as a “Library of the Future”, this program consists of nearly 200 unique curricula ranging from Introduction to Mouse and Keyboard to Creating Web Pages in HTML 5. Some of today’s top software packages are offered, such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Cloud Complete.  Open source packages, such as Audacity and Gimp are also offered. Live Online Learning and recorded tutorials are available via the Web. Outside of the technology arena, a range of children’s programs supporting early learning and programs for adults are offered to expose and introduce topics of interest from opening your own food truck, to CPR, and self-publishing your own eBook.

The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center expands the role of the library. Building upon the very practical training that is currently offered, the Center offers access to hardware, equipment, software, support and programming to inspire and invigorate creativity and accomplishment.

Key Melrose Services Include:

  • Video Production Studio:  Services dedicated to the creation, production and editing of video.
  • Audio Production Studio:  Services dedicated to the creation, production and editing of sound recording and mixing.
  • Photography Studio:  Services dedicated to the creation, production and editing of digital images.
  • Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab):  Dedicated classes include: electronics, basic engineering, computer programming and robotics.  Two 3D Printers are available for small prototype creation.
  • Simulation Lab:  Immersive 3D simulators include Driving, Flight, Fork-Lift and Excavator.
  • Interactive Media Wall:  12’ x 8’ display wall creates new possibilities for business collaboration.
  • Conference Room:  The Conference Room accommodates groups up to 30, complete with web-conferencing for presentations and networking.
  • Tech Central:  Tech Talks and Meetup groups are offered in a state-of-the-art presentation space.
  • Technology Exploration:   We support the curiosity and general exploration that leads to technological possibilities.  Our classes and our collaborative areas stimulate interest in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The role of the Melrose Center is not to compete with professional and/or formal education in the area. We serve the community by providing introductory and “amateur” enthusiasts an opportunity for hands-on exploration, experimentation and experience. Whenever possible, we focus on the use of open source resources, so that our customers have the opportunity to replicate and practice.

The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center has been designed with collaboration and sharing in mind. We support the “cross pollination” of ideas, which provides a natural environment for spontaneous creative expression.


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