Leadership Seminole

To provide leadership development and establish stakeholders as equal voices in dialogue, consensus, and action resulting in community development and stewardship in the Seminole County Region.

Leadership Seminole is a ten month program beginning each August with a two-day orientation followed by monthly one-day sessions focusing on timely issues within the following areas: government, arts, culture, infrastructure, public safety, human services, healthcare, education, economic development, environmental preservation, simulated society (SIMSOC), and concluding in May with law and justice and a sold out graduation ceremony with 400 people in attendance.
Participation is highly interactive and experiential, with opportunities for networking and team building throughout. The sessions are an opportunity for participants to develop lifelong relationships with their classmates, community leaders serving as facilitators and subject experts. Class members build vast background knowledge on important issues that impact them on a daily basis for the betterment of themselves, their company and their community.


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