IMMERSE Innovation Expo

The IMMERSE Innovation Expo is a public-facing experience that showcases the innovations of tech innovators from across the region. There are 4 primary engagements to create compelling, “wow” moments for the 40,000 guests of IMMERSE 2018, on October 19-20 : 1. Compelling Demos : Orlando’s tech companies demonstrate the innovative tech they are working on in a publicly accessible way. 2. Art and Tech : Showcasing artists who use programming and math to create real-time interactive projection installations. 3. Large -Scale Projection Installations : Work with industry partners to create large-scale projection installations on buildings in Downtown Orlando both before and during the annual IMMERSE event. 4. Game-play Experiences and Competition : Working with some of our tech partners in the gaming space, we will showcase the innovations in gaming taking place in Central Florida.


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