Florida Funders

Our Investment Process

Florida Funders sees a large number of deals per month and puts them through our rigorous vetting process to find the very best companies to invest in.
At a high level, the company is put through a six-step process that involves a series of pitches to the deal team, the investment mini-committee, and finally to the full investment committee. If a company makes it through those initial steps, terms are then negotiated and heavy due diligence begins. If the company is approved for funding, the company is then handed off to the fundraising team to begin fundraising.

How Does Florida Funders Work?

After our investment committee has chosen an early stage tech company to invest in, the Florida Funders Investment Fund I, LLC will commit to a portion of the offering (typically 30-50%). Then, we put the deal on the portal so accredited investors can review detailed information on the company, as well as relevant transaction details. When you choose to invest, you will be investing into a special purpose vehicle (SPV), created specifically to aggregate investor dollars for that offering and make an investment in the early stage tech company.


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