CEO Clubs of Florida

CEOClubs Florida is a unique hybrid of the traditional 40 years established CEO Clubs International. It’s a peer to peer Global Master Mind network, and it’s a new breed of think tank wanting to emerge.

Though the best trainers on earth add value to our events, the real wealth is found inside the attendees of CEOClubs Florida.

We are the secret advisory board that no one else has to know you have. We are a C-Level Plus Cooperative that fosters co-mentoring. Dreams without teams are nightmares and they are also hard to get funding for. Imagine having access to bios that you could confidently share on your own executive summary or website.

CEOClubs Florida is for over corners, visionaries -teachable visionaries, that understand to be a part of this network one has to share in real time… who and what they know.

One critical path connection can be responsible for:

1. Compressing Time

2. Accelerating

3. Redeeming Time

We are your best fishing pond for such high level connections, at a fraction of the investment amount of other old man C-Level think tanks.

CEOClubs Florida celebrate diversity… ages, sexes, races, industries, mindset, world views and pedigrees. The Florida Chapter has seen tremendous growth, interest, interaction between members and guests since it started in March 2016.


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