Podcast Guest Discovery

Thanks for your interest in being a guest on our Orlando Entrepreneurs Show. Our Entrepreneur Spotlight show (podcast) highlights local entrepreneurs and gives them a platform to share their story, lessons and experiences.

We believe that by learning from our local entrepreneurs (their wins and challenges) our whole ecosystem can become smarter, more well connected and better off for everyone.

Our show episodes generally range from 25-45 minutes. Josh Wilson, our host (and at times David Brim, our founder) will have a conversation with you (relaxed, no stress) about a variety of entrepreneurship related topics including:

  • Your journey as an entrepreneur
  • Lessons you’ve learned
  • Challenges you’ve faced and overcame
  • The nature of your business, business model, etc.
  • Thoughts on Orlando Entrepreneurship & Ecosystem

Below is a short questionnaire to help us with your episode:


Guest Interview Discovery
Example: "This is Josh he is the host of the Orlando Entrepreneurs Podcast...."
We will use this as part of the show notes on the blog, social, and other media.

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